Do you analyse product forecasting data to ensure you are sourcing correct products for clients?

Woodley Trial Solutions carefully analyse client quoting and ordering data to help us identify what products are important for our clients. We also maintain good dialogue with clients to ensure we are ready to meet requirements, and stay abreast of the latest products in the market so that we are always able to provide the most innovative product solutions for your clinical trial. 

Why are clinical trial lead times often quite lengthy?

Every clinical trial is different and there are a number of factors involved. Sourcing the correct product for your trial can be challenging as it is important to comply with regulations and ensure we are providing the most suitable product for your clinical study needs. Identifying the correct products requires our specialist knowledge and we have to factor in quality testing and calibration. It can be a complicated process, which is why partnering with an experience and knowledgeable supplier is highly recommended.

Do you have the technical knowledge to recommend suitable products and equipment?

Absolutely. Our product sourcing knowledge is exceptional, and we have great understanding of regulations from country to country. We will only provide products which we know are regulated in the country where your clinical trial is located. We also offer ongoing technical product support to ensure you are backed up throughout your clinical trial.

Do you provide product user guides?

Yes, we provide product and equipment user guides. We can also source these in alternative languages where required.

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