Product range with connected devices is increasingly widespread. This includes products related to continuous glucose monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, vital signs monitoring, spirometry, wearable devices and much more.


Solution benefits

Decentralized trials – many connected device products are of significant benefit to decentralized clinical trials due to their speed of data acquisition and general ease of transportation.
Time efficiency – data collection is fast, often instantaneous, with connected devices. This significantly enhances speed of trial completion.
Improved data accuracy – with data collected directly from device, the opportunity for human error is negated.

Technological growth – connected devices are very widespread and their capabilities will only continue to enhance.

Product growth – the pool of product range for connected devices will continue to grow in the coming years as they become an increasingly vital component of clinical trials.

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Real-time data reporting is a huge benefit to clinical trials, and connected devices help to provide this. With number of decentralized clinical trials very much increasing, connected devices have become a significant solution.

This allows for data to be connected at remote locations in real-time. This in turn rapidly accelerates the speed of data transition, meaning that clinical trials can be concluded quicker, and life-changing treatments can be made available faster.

Data accuracy also improves as it records directly from machine and can be accessed quickly. With products and devices smaller and easily transportable, data accessed quicker, and with greater accuracy, it is no surprise that connected device products an important part of the clinical trials process.
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