Our range of POCT equipment includes glucometers, lipid analysers, pregnancy assessment, alcoholmeters, coagulation analysers, haematology analysers, biochemistry analysers, blood gas and electrolyte analysers, drugs of abuse assessment, urinalysis, haemoglobin analysers, WBC analysers, micro albumin analysers and plasma/Low Hb photometers.


Solution benefits

POCT product knowledge – understanding POCT can be complex. Our team have an amazing background in POCT, which assures that you will receive the best products for your clinical trial

Time efficiency – data flow with POCT products improves speed of data flow and provides a more time efficient solution

Flexibility for decentralized clinical trials – POCT products are very flexible and usually easily transportable, which is perfect for decentralized clinical trials

POCT training for investigators – our specialist team can provide product training either on-site or online

Storage – facilities in UK, USA and Netherlands ensure seamless global supply and storage options

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In 2018, Woodley Equipment Company acquired Blinded Diagnostics – a specialist, recognised contract service organisation for sourcing and supplying POCT products and solutions into decentralized clinical studies.

The addition of this dedicated knowledge and first-hand experience of POCT supply significantly enhanced our sourcing and supply capabilities and has brought an advanced understanding of our product portfolio. This makes a real point of difference when it comes to supplying POCT equipment. Our clients value and trust our expertise.

POCT is especially well-suited to decentralized clinical studies. Not only are most products lightweight and easily transportable; the immediacy of providing test results and rapid data recording improves completion speed and narrows the data gap. This increases data accuracy and contributes towards achieving more life-saving treatments.

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