What can I do to help the quoting process?

Often we receive requests for products and equipment which are quite generic, which can result in a slower process as it can take time to work with clients in identifying exact requirements. An easy way to provide all required information is by submitting our RFP form.

For Woodley Trial Solutions to quote effectively and quickly, it helps to provide as much detail as possible in the first instance. If you are able to provide specific details which answer the below questions in the first instance, it really helps our team speed things along:

  • What product do you require?
  • How many units will be required?
  • Is this a rental or a purchase?
  • What are the dates of your study?
  • How many sites require devices?
  • What countries are the sites located in?

Simply the more detail that can be provided in first instance, the faster we can provide the quote for your requirements. If you do not have all these details please get in touch and our team will help you, though if you have more detail it does make a significant difference to our team.

Do you provide products for rent/lease or purchase?

The majority of our clients rent or lease products and equipment, though we can provide products for purchase also. Purchasing is more cost-effective, however an issue with purchasing is that at the completion of clinical trials there is often not much requirement for the products which have been purchased and they often become surplus to CROs and pharmaceutical companies. And then there are regulatory issues such as the Sunshine Act which can be a complication for unused equipment.

With equipment rental, Woodley Trial Solutions will collect at trial completion, and will re-use once it is checked and reconditioned. If it is not possible to reuse, we will dispose of products and equipment safely and sustainably.

Do you supply single items for one time clients?

While we never want to disappoint any prospective client, the sourcing and supply of single products for one time usage is not economically viable and usually we are unable to fulfil such requests. If there is an ongoing requirement for products and equipment for your clinical trial, then of course this is something we would be interested in discussing with you. Please get in touch with us and tell us more about your requirements.

How do I know if POCT is right for my clinical trial?

POCT is extremely valuable for generating rapid data, and POCT products fit into a wide variety of study types. To find out more about if this would be helpful for your clinical trial, please get in touch with our expert POCT team and we will be happy to help you.

Can you provide case study project examples?

Yes, please see our dedicated case study page for detailed case studies of some of the clinical trials we have supported.

How long are quotes valid for?

We understand that hiring or purchasing equipment for clinical trials is not always straightforward and that deciding on equipment can take time, our quotes remain valid for 30 days from initial quote date. If there is opportunity for flexibility beyond this point, Woodley Trial Solutions will do our best to retain pricing. Take a look at some of our equipment availability here.

FAQs - Woodley Trial Solutions

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