Choosing the right equipment supplier for your clinical trials


Clinical trials are a long, complicated and expensive undertaking, with any hiccups costly for sponsors and patients alike. This is true across all stages of drug development, none more so than in phase 3 studies, which are often conducted over months or years, across numerous sites – usually globally – resulting in serious consequences if any delays should arise. This makes your choice of equipment supplier vital in making this journey as smooth as possible, especially with drug development becoming more decentralized. This approach affords patients more comfort, but potentially opens up additional challenges if you’re not adequately supported.   


Lean on our experience

Woodley Trial Solutions has supported clinical trials across all phases for decades, amassing extensive knowledge – from equipment sourcing and supply to the global regulatory maze – with our never stop learning attitude. This has given us an unrivalled understanding of not only our customer’s needs at the outset, but how they differ during each stage and, importantly, how they can suddenly change. For example, supplying equipment for phase 1 and phase 2 studies conducted at a handful of centers might not be a considerable challenge. But extrapolating this to a multi-site, global phase 3 trial can be a daunting task for the unprepared, with complex logistics and varying regulations to deal with. We have the expertise to handle such tasks with ease, as well as the flexibility to deal with unexpected encounters. This knowhow was demonstrated in a recent study we supported, which was transferred from one CRO to another between different phases, requiring an efficient changeover to ensure the trial continued without a glitch. 

A team effort

Partnering with all relevant stakeholders associated with a trial is key to our success, as is developing relationships with each clinical group that takes a drug in development to launch. This way, we never lose that personal contact, which gives our customers a heightened level of support. Our intimate knowledge of the equipment we supply – as well as our bespoke services – translates to reduced downtime if something goes awry. What does this mean in practice? Well, if a device requires maintenance or replacement for any reason, we can collect and replace it with another one, so patient visits can continue uninterrupted.

No matter the phase or the format, we’ve got you covered

Woodley Trial Solutions is equipped to support clinical trials of any format, in any therapeutic area. Our vast network and expertise ensure we can acquire equipment in a timely manner, enabling our customers to meet their important SIV dates, and improving overall patient retention rates. We also have the capacity to support studies outside the typical realms of drug development. Phase 4 or post-marketing surveillance trials may be less common, but the FDA or other governing bodies can deem them necessary if there is evidence of adverse effects in certain cohorts. These studies can involve tens of thousands of patients worldwide, and are often handled by different groups within the sponsor company – usually the safety and regulatory teams – requiring flexible partners that can act swiftly to get the trial underway. ‘Rescue studies’ are another rarity, but we have previously been asked to take the reins of trials that have been mismanaged by another vendor, necessitating incredible agility to ensure losses are kept to a minimum and, importantly, patient visits continue.

Turn to a trusted partner 

The services offered by Woodley Trial Solutions encompass the entire spectrum of drug development, combining the equipment you need with the regulatory knowledge to get it to site. But we never stop there, and we believe that ongoing support is just as important. Whatever the phase, whatever the format – hybrid or decentralized – and whatever the disease area, we’ve got you covered, and we look forward to helping you along your clinical trial journey.

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