How do you oversee a project once we have decided to work with Woodley Trial Solutions?

Our Project Management team are very knowledgeable and experienced and will provide you with dedicated support throughout your clinical trial journey. You can find out more about our project management service here.

Do you arrange collection of products and equipment upon completion of clinical trial?

Usually our products and equipment are supplied on a rental basis, in which case Woodley Trial Solutions will arrange collection at completion of clinical trial. Your assigned project manager can assist you with this collection. Find out more about our project management service here.

Do you provide after-sales support?

Our service does not stop once we deliver your clinical trial products and equipment. We provide a range of additional services which can add value to your clinical trial. This includes a dedicated project management team who will provide after-sale support throughout.

How focused are Woodley Trial Solutions on meeting SIV dates?

Meeting SIV dates is a big focus for Woodley Trial Solutions. For every clinical trial we supply products and equipment to, we have a rigorous process to ensure we are doing everything possible internally to make sure we meet SIV targets and always strive to improve this.

Do you provide training for clinical trial products and equipment?

Yes, global tailored training is one of the services we provide. Since the Covid pandemic, training is typically provided online; though we also offer on-site training services if preferred.

Do you calibrate equipment?

Yes, this is a very important area for clients. Over the years the requirement for pre-calibrated equipment has significantly increased and Woodley Trial Solutions have broad experience with this.

The Medical Electronics department at Woodley Trial Solutions is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of all equipment, and also the calibration of patient monitoring devices, infusion pumps and centrifuges. We also calibrate patient weight scales and temperature monitoring data loggers via third-party companies.

The safety of patients involved with your study, and yourselves, is paramount to us, which is why all equipment is rigorously safety checked before despatch to ensure it is arrives ready to be used in your clinical trial.

We validate prior to despatch, and calibrate in advance of the end of the first year of your study. This 12-month frequency is recommended by manufacturers so that devices maintain certification for a further year. We carry out our calibration in line with national standards.

One of the reasons our rental solutions is recommended above purchasing is because it simplifies calibration. Your dedicated Project Manager is alerted to any upcoming dates for exchange of rental equipment, and will liaise with site to coordinate delivery of replacement device, and collection of original item once replacement is set up and ready to use. This negates any possible downtime of essential equipment.

Why do new products have to be calibrated?

Calibration compares readings between different pieces of equipment. While some newer products may improve ease of calibration, it is the importance of data flow which dictates the requirement for calibration.

Do you communicate in languages other than English?

At Woodley Trial Solutions we understand how much you may value communicating in your preferred language. We have a multi-lingual team, with European-based language capabilities in Danish, French, German and Hungarian. We can also communicate in Arabic and Urdu. If you prefer to talk in your mother-tongue, please get in touch.

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