How quickly can you supply products and equipment you have in stock?

Stock items can be supplied on a next day basis if within the U.K, and on a 1-3 day service throughout the E.U. Items in stock in our New York office can be delivered throughout U.S.A within 1-3 days. Find out more about our global reach and capabilities here.

Do you provide a white glove delivery service?

Yes, over and above shipping to your destination, we can provide unpacking and set up of your products and equipment.

Do you provide all relevant documentation?

Yes, our Logistics team have outstanding knowledge and understanding of what documentation and paperwork is required to supply your products and equipment to your destination. Find out more about our logistical services here.

How much of an effect do regulations have on supply?

A common perception is that sourcing products and equipment and shipping to a clinical study location is quite a simple process, however global regulations can complicate this. Our procurement team are very knowledgeable and experienced with understanding and providing solutions for product regulations from country to country, including all product registration and licensing information.

This is where our expertise really makes a difference. We are able to provide guidance on the correct documentation and can ensure products fit with calibration. Our understanding of which models are regulated for certain countries is also very strong. We factor this into our sourcing and do our due diligence with manufacturers to ensure that not only is your product suitable to your requirements, but also that they are regulatory-sound to import and use in the country.

Do you have post-Brexit supply issues into E.U.?

Supply into E.U. has undoubtedly been challenging for U.K. businesses. To overcome this, Woodley Trial Solutions have a strategic distribution partnership with an Netherlands based distributor. This allows us to supply into E.U. on a 1–3 day lead time. We can also stock products with our distributor, which provides an option for same day delivery in some instances.

Can you supply globally?

Our offices in England and New York, plus our strategic partnership in Netherlands, positions us well logistically to supply globally. Regulations differ from country to country, though our logistics team have expert knowledge and are highly skilled at providing solutions for getting your products where you need it, anywhere in the world. We can also store equipment in most global locations. This is very useful to some of our clients as it ensures products and equipment are in the country and ready for quick despatch as soon as they are required for the clinical trial.

How focused are you on meeting delivery deadlines?

We use established and trusted logistics couriers which provide consistency with meeting deliver dates. Over and above this, we ensure we have all relevant paperwork ready, such as calibration certificates. We also provide delivery tracking details. Find out more about our global supply here.

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