We are passionate about contributing towards delivering life-saving medication all over the world. Our brilliant logistics team are problem solvers, and we care deeply about the success of your clinical trial.

Our Netherlands office and warehousing availability guarantees trade throughout EU is maintained. This keeps delivery of equipment for your clinical trial on time and helps ensure the progress of your clinical trial.

Our global logistics service includes

Our global logistics service includes:

Full Transportation - including global shipments, collections and pick-up services for investigator sites.
Tracking & Visibility - all shipments are trackable at every stage through to delivery process.
“On-Call” Consumables - timely supply of consumables for the duration of the study.
Equipment Management - including the storage, re-calibration and refurbishment of all equipment.
Benefits of our global logistics service

Benefits of our global logistics service:

Peace of mind - ensures smooth, efficient delivery compliant with legislation and industry standards.
On schedule - we work with true specialists including couriers, freight forwarders or cold chain experts to ensure that any potential issues are identified and solved prior to shipment.
Real-time visibility - our warehousing in UK, EU and US ensures we have accurate visibility of equipment stock.
Medical compliance - medical product requirements can vary from country to country. We ensure we stay abreast of all regulations and legislation to avoid custom arrival issues.

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Our solutions

Our solutions

We guarantee high quality, reliable equipment so that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum throughout a trial. And we constantly review our products to ensure they are the best they can be at every stage.

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Our products

Our products

We promise high quality and regulatory assurance with the products and equipment we advise, which keeps your clinical trial on track. The products we supply our regularly reviewed to ensure we are providing the best solutions for your clinical trial.

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Our services

Our services

The solutions which make up our product and equipment supply areas are supported by important services which are highly valued by our clients in operating their clinical trials.

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