5 ways our product knowledge and sourcing expertise offers unrivalled reassurance and reliability


Preparing for your next clinical trial and wondering how to find the right equipment supply partner? There’s certainly a lot to consider – including safety calibration, regulatory requirements, and global shipping.

With a track record stretching back more than three decades, our processes, insights and experience have been honed at the cutting edge of medical research. Here are five ways our product knowledge and sourcing expertise enables us to assist even the most sophisticated and challenging clinical trials.

1. Using proven and established processes to set clinical trial projects on firm footings

Our product and sourcing team assist with all incoming enquiries, using a proven method to process each request. For enquiries that are specific in nature and perhaps based on an existing Pharmacy Manual, we can quickly offer initial costings based on cost estimates and product requirements. Our team is vastly experienced in a range of different core product categories, so we always have somebody on hand with the necessary product expertise to piece together these initial requests. We then use a collaborative approach to finalise the details in the best possible manner.

For enquiries that are more open-ended, we begin a formal needs analysis that attempts to define the precise requirements involved. This consultative approach helps us to discover the potential needs of the clinical trial, the regulatory environment in which it is operating, and whether a Phase Two or beyond is likely to occur that will demand a consistency of products that could complement our initial recommendations.

2 Harnessing detailed regulatory knowledge

Wherever your clinical trial is based, it’s essential that any medical devices you receive meet all local regulatory requirements. Where certain pieces of requested equipment do not meet those requirements, our team has the knowledge to be able to advise on suitable alternatives. In the UK, for example, all medical devices must comply with the Medical Devices Regulations 2002 (UK MDR 2002) and the General Product Safety Regulations 2005. Close by, there are different requirements in Northern Ireland and the European Union. Our team’s experience and expertise makes it adept at identifying any potential issues early in the process, helping to avoid delays or complications further down the line.

In developing markets, our procurement department will liaise with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure regulatory bodies are satisfied with the proposed devices. For example, our dedicated team of APAC region experts invest time and effort to understand the area’s regulatory landscape in detail. This increases the value we can offer to CROs who may be operating in unfamiliar territories.

3 Searching for innovative ways to help researchers worldwide

Woodley Trial Solutions is now established as a leading supplier of connected devices. As decentralised trials have become ever more prominent across all areas of medical research, we have moved to develop an unrivalled understanding and supply of the hi-tech solutions that offer quick access to remote patient data. We have also developed partnerships with firms like Dexcom, giving us an immediate supply chain and the ability to support lots of huge trials simultaneously with huge numbers of wearables and consumables. This commitment to innovation is built into our DNA and will continue as new technologies and working practices continue to emerge.

4 Taking a holistic view of the entire supply process

We are dedicated to understanding every element of your study. Whether it’s the practicalities of the voltages and electrical systems of a different country or the long-term and bespoke customer service and support you need to operate most effectively, we work quickly and efficiently to ensure all boxes are ticked. We know in great detail that supplying medical devices goes far beyond simply shipping an item from A to B – and we take all the steps necessary to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. The subsequent peace of mind is highly valued by our clients, who consistently return precisely because they know they will receive a peerless level of service.

5 Providing reassurance through an expert calibration service

With all equipment rental, we always offer full-service medical device calibration. This is particularly valuable for equipment rentals extending beyond 12 months, with the initial set-up taken care of and, if any faults do occur, our service extending to collecting equipment and conducting quality and safety testing to correct any unseen issues. The equipment is then despatched back to the research sites and collected at the end of the trial. This is another crucial aspect of our commitment providing the highest possible peace of mind to all those involved in clinical research projects.

Challenge us to equip your clinical trial

Woodley Trial Solutions has been supplying clinical trials since 1989. Throughout our decades of operations, we have invested in building a bank of sourcing and product expertise that eliminates anxieties and takes weight off the shoulders of trial organisers. If you’re facing a particularly complex clinical trial, why not challenge our team to see how they can make your life easier? We’re ready for your enquiry!

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