Clinical trial supplies for biotechs: designing a service that outperforms traditional processes


As a biotech or pharmaceutical company sourcing products for your clinical trials, how many of the following issues have you experienced?

  • Do your suppliers lack the time, care, or understanding to offer you the insight you need to get the best possible solution for your clinical trial?

  • Are your suppliers stuck in a transactional mindset and driven by process, rather than creating a bespoke partnership that works to your benefit?

  • Do you worry your suppliers are not truly patient-centric, and sometimes forget the aim of any clinical trial is to get a new drug to market quickly and safely to improve the lives of those who need it?

  • Are your suppliers unable to provide accurate and forensic financial reports to help you track every penny of your spending and satisfy your funders?

At Woodley Trial Solutions, our business has been designed to alleviate these common concerns. Through a collaborative approach, you’ll get the knowledge you’re looking for combined with an unmatched level of speed and service. Our guiding principle is to find the best fit for your project. And we’ll offer all the support we have to make sure your trial proceeds at pace. Here are four ways our service is distinct from others on the market:

1. Personal service and expert knowledge

Continuing to follow more typical processes can be frustrating for smaller, more agile pharma companies. The high costs are still the same, but the received service does not always meet expectations. Our approach is different. All our clients receive direct access to our expert support team, helping you at every step of the process to design and execute a clinical trial that best serves your requirements, funders, and the end patients.

So whether it’s holding a clinical discussion to determine what point-of-care products you might need or giving you enough detailed product knowledge to help you understand how you could use certain equipment to best serve your needs, we’ll help you secure the best solutions for your trials. In that respect, our approach is customer-agnostic. Our expertise is available to every organisation with which we work.

2. Accurate and up-to-date financials

Successful budget management is critical to all clinical trials. When your trial is funded by external sources, being able to supply a full breakdown of your spend helps to build trust and accountability. That transparency is highly valued by most funders, so our team can supply a complete and detailed report at any point of your project.

3. Cost-effective equipment

As well as providing forensic financial statements, we can help to ensure your clinical trial is cost effective from start to finish. Whether you’re looking for centrifuges, freezers, infusion pumps or measurement devices, choosing to rent equipment from Woodley Trial Solutions helps to avoid unnecessary liabilities for limited-use assets.

4. Speed and efficiency

Wherever your clinical trial is located, our logistics infrastructure means equipment can be on site and ready to use in just days. Through a strategic global stocking and warehousing operation, we can reliably deliver anywhere in the world from three global distribution centres. Along the way, products are only ever stored in dedicated healthcare logistics facilities, so sterile equipment is never compromised, and security is consistently guaranteed.

Work with Woodley Trial Solutions and you’ll receive the support of a partner willing to go the extra mile. You’ll be prioritised from the start, have your needs listened to and understood, and you’ll receive the help and equipment you need in a matter of days, without an extensive and admin-heavy onboarding process to navigate.

Looking for a clinical trials equipment supplier you can trust? Wherever you’re based, contact us today to talk through your requirements. We’ll be happy to help.


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