Clinical trials technical support: a four-tier approach that lets us offer an unrivalled service


As clinical trial protocols become increasingly complex and the speed and pressures of research continues to accelerate, outstanding technical support will become a key factor in the success – or otherwise – of any ongoing research project.

Woodley Trial Solutions prides itself on an unrivalled level of technical support. Going above and beyond for our clients is a day-to-day reality rather than a one-off achievement.

Our ethos has always been built on doing everything needed to ensure the success of your trial. We understand the solution we’re providing is not a commodity. It’s something unique – and uniquely important in the field of medical research.

In this blog, we’ll explore the key facets of our technical support approach. While they are applicable to all the equipment we supply, many of our clients find these different strands of support particularly important when it comes to our range of more than 100 point-of-care-testing (POCT) devices.

With any engagement, we always start from the same point: we assume no previous experience with point-of-care diagnostics, whether that’s relatively simple glucose monitors through to general chemistry devices such as complete blood count (CBC) analysers. From there, four separate support mechanisms kick in to ensure you know everything about how to store, handle, operate and troubleshoot your devices in the best possible manner.

1. Training presentations, guides, and translations

As a bare minimum, all our engagements include a thorough training presentation outlining the device, what it does, how it should be used, and what to do if you encounter any difficulties. We also supply detailed user guides, all of which can be translated into whatever language is required. 

2. Global in-person support

To complement those training presentations, we regularly attend investigator meetings coordinated by pharmaceutical companies. There are no geographic limits on this support. We have flown our team members to different continents precisely because these meetings represent such an excellent opportunity for us to share with doctors, nurses and site staff both our product presentations and the physical equipment. The environment allows for safe, effective, and deeply immersive hands-on training.  And beyond our in-person visits, we also use WhatsApp groups to ensure our clients and their researchers can reach our technical staff quickly and easily on an ongoing basis.

3. One-on-one training webinars

With one particular study in Africa, the Woodley Trial Solutions team followed up an on-site visit focusing on POCT devices with custom one-on-one training webinars. Participants each took part in two four-hour webinars, learning directly from our technical experts on everything from how to safely unpack the materials through to where to store the devices, how to test connections, and how to conduct sample tests. In cases where language can act as a barrier, we have enlisted specialist medical translators to join us on the webinars to ensure everything is understood.

4. Bespoke video production

Through specialist in-house staff, we also produce HD quality training and instructional videos on any piece of equipment we offer. For extra clarity and understanding, subtitles are added as standard. Client feedback for all of these videos has been overwhelmingly positive, giving them a valued resource they can refer to for years to come.

Challenge us to equip your clinical trial

Whatever technical support you need on whichever point-of-care device your trial enlists, Woodley Trial Solutions provides a nimble, customer first, white-glove service. Our unrivalled level of support is unique across the industry and a clear demonstration of our dedication to going the extra mile for every client we serve. 

Contact our friendly team today to find out how our technical support can help your next clinical trial fulfil its objectives.


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