Glucose 201 Analyser

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Glucose 201 Analyser

The Glucose 201+ analyser is based on a glucose dehydrogenase method and consists of a small dedicated analyser and a unique disposable microcuvette. The system combines the precision and accuracy of a central laboratory with the speed and convenience of obtaining results at the point-of-care.

With just a fraction of a drop of blood and three simple steps, the Glucose 201+ system will produce immediate, accurate results for screening, diagnosing or monitoring diabetes, as well as monitoring neonatal blood glucose levels.

  • Produces lab quality results within moments
  • The disposable microcuvettes automatically draw a precise volume of specimen
  • Factory calibrated and require a minimum of maintenance
  • No calibration needed between cuvette batches
  • Stores up to 600 measurements
  • Data can be printed directly to an external printer or downloaded to a PC
  • Can be used by non-laboratory personnel after a brief training sessions (can be provided by Woodley's Biomedical Scientists)
Model no. Glu201+
Measurement range: Whole blood values 0 - 22.2 mmol/L (0 - 400 mg/dL), plasma equivalent values 0 - 24.6 mmol/L (0 - 444 mg/dL)
Results: Displayed within 40 - 240 seconds depending on blood glucose concentration
Sample volume: 5 µL
Calibration: Factory calibrated and needs no further calibration
Quality control: Internal electronic "self test"
Power: AC adaptor or internal batteries
Operating temperature: 18°C - 30°C
Weight: 350g
Dimensions: 160h x 85w x 43d mm

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