Innovation and patient centricity: the beating heart of a successful global partnership


At Woodley Trial Solutions, innovation and patient centricity have always been central to our approach. More than three decades after supplying our first clinical trial, we’re undeniably proud that those characteristics have been part of our DNA since the very beginning. For the last 15 years, they’ve also been the defining traits of an enduring partnership between ourselves and mobile research experts PCM Trials

A comprehensive track record of innovation

Since its inception in 2008, PCM Trials has been a leader in providing mobile research nurse visits in decentralised clinical trials (DCTs). Its embrace of constant innovation has enabled it to push to the forefront of patient-centred DCTs, expanding opportunities for research participation and giving individuals the flexibility to engage in research studies in the ways that work best for them.

At the same time, our commitment to developing and delivering the best possible services and solutions has enabled Woodley Trial Solutions to build a remarkable level of trust across an international network of CROs and decentralised clinical trial vendors.

On a product level, CROs know that our supply of hi-tech connected devices and other medical equipment featuring the very latest technology means they will always be operating with maximum efficiency and speed. For CROs and DCT specialists, this access to cutting-edge, reliable, and fully calibrated equipment is a crucial part of reaching a complete data set on time or even ahead of schedule.

All our equipment and devices are supplied through a global logistics system that has been refined over several decades to ensure timely deliveries can be made anywhere in the world. Our expertise and knowledge work in tandem with real-time internal data systems to keep either CROs or partners like PCM Trials fully informed about all schedules. Our EU office, for example, works closely with PCM Trials’ newly acquired logistics hub in Losser, Netherlands to support our clients’ global equipment needs.

PCM Trials’ model of directly employing and managing the certified mobile research nurses (CMRNs) that gather DCT data has been proven to help CROs recruit trials faster, retain more patients as the trial progresses, and keep patients more compliant to the regimens determined in a protocol. This allows the high-quality delivery of services in a home environment that supports a DCT model rivalling that of traditional site-based models. But none of this is possible without safeguarding any gathered data through adequate investments in compliant data handling, which is why Woodley Trial Solutions has extensive agreements with third-party data companies to seamlessly supply patient data from product to CRO.

Finally, extensive assistance via Woodley Trial Solutions’ online product training and video user guides couples with guaranteed 24/7 tech support to enable CROs or DCT specialists to operate with ongoing confidence and peace of mind. They know without doubt we are always in their corner and ready to respond in the rare instances in which they might need specific product help.

Get to know both companies in detail

For more than 30 years, Woodley Trial Solutions has adapted to our dynamic, fast-moving industry and the demands placed upon global supply chains. Our dedication to innovation and patient centricity means we know equipment inside out and can deliver it anywhere in the world in the fastest possible times.

Woodley Trial Solutions has partnered with PCM Trials for more than 15 years. Several powerful symmetries between our two companies keep the relationship moving forward and strengthening year after year.

Both companies share a singular common aim: to reduce and eliminate stress and uncertainty for sponsors, CROs, and sites operating anywhere in the world. By getting the right equipment to the right people in the right place at the right time, we contribute to ensuring the ongoing efficiency of clinical trials and, ultimately, delivering quicker access to life-enhancing treatments.

A recent webinar, Mastering the Logistics of Remote Visits in Global Decentralized Clinical Trials, included thought leaders from both PCM Trials and Woodley Trial Solutions and dived deeper into the services and synergies that align the two companies.

If you have any questions, please reach out directly to PCM Trials or Woodley Trial Solutions or visit us in person at Scope Summit 2024. You’ll find us at booths 528 (Woodley Trial Solutions) and 1017 (PCM Trials). We can’t wait to see you!


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