Dexcom G7

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Dexcom G7


Woodley Trial Solutions are gearing up to provide Dexcom G7 CGM into clinical trials. Please click here to register your interest.

The new Dexcom G7 has an app that clearly shows where your glucose levels are, where you are heading and where you have been, helping you make more informed decisions. Spending more time in range and working to lower your HbA1c is easier than ever before. 

The Dexcom G7 is flexible to suit your needs, from our 10-day single sensor and flexible subscription plan options, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of plans to suit all needs and budgets. 

The app allows you to share your number with 10 other people using the Dexcom follow app. It will alert you for up to 20 minutes before you go low (Urgent Low Soon Alert) or when your glucose is high. 

The Dexcom G7 gives you more freedom and the flexibility to live more peacefully. 

  • All new components and app
  • New alert sounds and sound options
  • Glucose summary reports on your display device
  • Streamlined all-in-one sensor with built-in disposable transmitter
  • Shorter warm up —lessthan30 minutes
  • An extra 12-hour grace period at the end of the sensor session gives you the flexibility to change your sensor at your convenience
  • Smaller sensor and shorter sensor wire for your comfort
  • Patch is smaller — half the size of G6
  • Overpatch comes with each sensor and keeps the sensor on longer if needed
  • Smaller size —less plastic waste
  • Fast and easy to insert sensor
Glucose Range: 2.2–22.2 mmol/L
Useful Life: Up to 10 days
Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide gas
Memory Storage: Minimum 24 hours of glucose data
Data Backfill for User Display: 24 hours
Power Source: Internally/battery powered
Battery Longevity (Typical): Sufficient to support 10-day wear period plus a 12-hour grace period
Battery Charging Time: Non-rechargeable
Operating and Storage Humidity: Humidity:10%–90% RH
Storage Temperature: Temperature:2°C–30°C, store sensors in a cool, dry place
Operating and Storage Altitude: -382 meters to 5,000 meters
Ingress Protection: IP58: Protected from ingress of dust; Protected from submersion in the water up to depth of 2.4 meters for 24 hours
Applied Part: Type BF applied part
Alert Audible Output: N/A
TX/RX Frequencies: 2.402–2.480GHz
Bandwidth:1.07 MHz
Maximum Output Power: 1.0 mW EIRP

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