Fertility clinical trials: easing the strain of reproductive and mental health challenges


An estimated one in every eight people are currently facing infertility challenges*. That widespread impact of fertility means making progress in fertility research is critical – and researchers involved in fertility clinical trials are acutely aware that their work can reach beyond simply resolving reproduction challenges.

Infertility can also lead to higher levels of stress in would-be parents. Unfortunately, the repercussions rarely stop there and knock-on effects in other areas of life become common. Some find that their performance at work suffers under the strain of facing infertility, while mental health challenges like depression and hopelessness can also become more prevalent.

It is also important to note that the World Health Organization argues that “fertility care is a core part of sexual and reproductive health, and responding to infertility can mitigate gender inequality”*.

Fertility research fuelled by global efforts

Fertility clinical trials offer hope to millions of people worldwide who are facing the emotional and psychological challenges of not being able to start their own families.

Among the hundreds of active fertility clinical trials operating at sites around the world, several have now reached Phase 4. As they enter the final stage of their research, these trials offer particular promise to those living with infertility.

In Paris, researchers are evaluating the efficacy of oocytes cryopreservation as a fertility preservation procedure for women with endometriosis. It is already understood that adult females with endometriosis are at risk of a compromised ovarian reserve, so the results of this trial could provide ongoing reassurance.

Elsewhere in mainland Europe, 13 sites in the Netherlands are working to determine the effectiveness of a nutritional supplement in men of infertile couples. Oxidative stress has been found to be the main problem in up to 80% of male infertility cases. This trial is monitoring the ongoing pregnancy rate of couples while the male takes a daily nutritional tablet or placebo for six consecutive months.

Meanwhile, women facing medical or surgical treatment that may harm their ovaries or remove ovarian tissue – including chemotherapy, radiation, or drug treatments – may be interested in a clinical trial based in Oregon, USA. The study aims to preserve ovarian tissue through an oophorectomy surgery and subsequent cryopreservation of ovarian tissue§. When study participants later elect to use their tissue as part of their conception efforts, researchers will monitor their fertility success rate.

All of these fertility trials – plus the hundreds of others in Phases 1, 2, and 3 – play an important, multi-faceted role in the world’s ongoing health. That’s why it’s beneficial for a global equipment supplies partner like Woodley Trial Solutions to be embedded in these trials from the outset, giving you confidence that everything is adequately planned and prepared before your trial begins.

Operating across international borders is our speciality. Our expert and friendly team is well versed in both medical devices regulation (MDR) and the international regulatory framework with which equipment must comply to reach the front lines of medical research. 

Across more than 60 countries in 2023, our sound sourcing and provision of everything from centrifuges and fridges through to bespoke, specialist equipment has kept CROs on the front foot and enabled complex clinical trials to avoid unnecessary obstacles and delays.

Our in-depth product knowledge means we’re able to offer advice and support from your initial needs through to delivery, calibration, and collection – giving you the time, space, and peace of mind to concentrate on every other aspect of your trial’s success.

If you’re a CRO looking for equipment expertise, support, and regulatory knowledge for your next fertility clinical trial, contact us today. Our expert team will be happy to help.



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