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The success of a clinical trial depends on many factors, with protocols, patients, local regulations and external pressures all impacting the final outcome. But with so many variables, building an efficient infrastructure of up-to-date and reliable equipment creates a strong backbone to support the success of the trial, and should be a key consideration when preparing for the road ahead. Investing in brand new equipment is not always cost-effective, especially if it is very specific to the requirements of the study. This is where we can help. Rental of medical equipment from a full-service company such as Woodley provides access to the most modern equipment, the expertise to run it, and the support to maintain and service it. So, how can we help make the process as smooth as possible?

Strong in sourcing

Every trial is unique, with very specific equipment requirements. We can source and supply all the equipment and ancillaries needed for a clinical study, from infusion pumps for clinical trials and patient monitoring for clinical trials to centrifuges for clinical trials and lab equipment, as well as provide specific solutions for applications such as temperature monitoring devices for clinical trials and Point of Care testing for clinical trials. With our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we work with our customers to identify the best products to fit their protocols, – taking into account local regulations at different trial locations – which our purchasing team will then source from a qualified and trusted supplier. This removes the need to work with multiple equipment providers, offering improved traceability and compliance with ISO, FDA, GCP and the Sunshine Act.

Rapid in responding

Site initiation delays are a common problem in clinical trials and can have knock-on effects, impacting both patients and the clinical study budget. Our project management team works closely with our customers – as well as our internal purchasing, warehouse and logistics colleagues – to make sure that stock is available and ready to get to site. This means we can respond quickly to any sudden change of plans – such as a new SIV date, or when a first patient is identified – so that everything can start on time.

Solid in servicing

Trial delays due to equipment failure can have financial implications, as well as place an unwanted burden on a patient’s time, which may result in them exiting the trial, further worsening the challenge of patient retention. We provide a complete service and maintain all the equipment we rent out. With Woodley-owned facilities in both the USA and Europe, we can provide full technical support or quickly send a replacement, on the rare occasion that it's needed.

Reliable in regulation

Global trials require an understanding of the global regulatory landscape, with different regions having specific requirements for the protocols and equipment used. And, to make things more complicated, these rules are constantly changing. For example, the introduction of the In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR) in Europe has forced rapid changes across the entire industry, and a lot of adaptation on our part. Our team constantly monitors the complex regulatory situation in each country to make sure the equipment we send out is compliant for its destination. We work closely with our suppliers, and have excellent relationships with them, to ensure we stay on top of certification and respond quickly to any regulatory notifications relating to the products we supply.

Clear in communication

Our strong team has many years of experience in clinical trials, and of what we offer as Woodley Trial Solutions. We believe it is important to build excellent relationships with our customers, and are always ready to respond to challenges, appreciating the importance of honesty and managing expectations for all the stakeholders in a trial.

Here to make an impact

We may just be a small player in the clinical trial journey, but we understand that reliable and modern equipment makes the process as smooth as possible for everyone involved. This drives us to deliver the best we can for our clients, adding value and making it even sweeter when we all achieve success together.

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