Mechanical Flat Scales

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Mechanical Flat Scales

These mechanical flat scales provide precision, reliability and incorporate a good design.

They feature a large, clear and well defined dial making it easy to read the measurement.

They have a non-slip platform making it easy for the patient to step on and off. 

  • Dial:
  • large area
  • well-defined
  • Platform:
  • large area
  • low level
  • non-slip
  • scratch resistant
  • Weight display immediately after stepping on the scale
  • Reliable corrosion protection
  • Galvanised frame, load lever, counterweight and all sheet metal parts
Model no. FlatScales SECA 761 UK 762usa
Capacity: 150 kg
Graduation: 1 kg
Approval: CE approval (III)
Weight: 4 kg
Dimensions: 105h x 300w x 406d mm

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