Microman E Pipette

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Microman E Pipette

The Microman E Pippette is the ideal solution to improve accuracy and precision when pipetting hot or cold liquids and is also ideal for pipetting viscous and dense samples.

The pipette works like a syringe and capillary pistons eliminate the air cushion between the sample and the disposable piston, providing 100% protection against pipette contamination and producing accurate, reproducible and precise results every time.

The clip fitting system allows for capillary piston to fit on to the Microman E as simply as fitting a standard tip to a standard pipette.

  • The volume securing button allows for easy volume adjustment and minimizes the risk of accidently changing the volume during pipetting cycles.
  • The Microman E pipette is comfortable and easy to use. The shape of the handle, with an added finger hook, rests comfortable in your hand.
  • Fully visible volumeter on the front of the pipette so that the volume can be seen while pipetting.
  • A large push button allows you to aspirate and dispense with ease.
Model no. WD7LAB009

Volume (μL): Min. 100
Systematic Error (μL): ± 3
Random Error (μL): ≤ 1.6

Volume (μL): Min. 500
Systematic Error (μL): ± 5
Random Error (μL): ≤ 2.5

Volume (μL): Max. 1000
Systematic Error (μL): ± 8
Random Error (μL): ≤ 4

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