Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (90207)

Available for rental/lease

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (90207)

Not only is this ambulatory blood pressure monitor recognised for it's reliability, it also provides fast and accurate results enabling users to fine-tune their patients' treatment. Extensive testing by independent clinicians has validated their accuracy time and time again.

With advanced reporting software that supports rapid analysis of patient information, its compact and lightweight design also offers quiet operation feature to maximise patient comfort.

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  • Choice of 90207 or UltraLite™ 90217 ABP monitors
  • The 90207 monitor has 24 hour monitoring
  • The UltraLite™ 90217 monitor has 48 monitoring
  • Real-time evaluation of ABPM data
  • Individual site configuration
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Clinically validated
  • 5 cuff sizes available (optional)
  • ABP report generator/printer (optional)
  • ABP report management system (optional):
  • Interfaces with 90207 and 90217 ABP monitors
  • Software offers quick and simple method of retrieving, displaying, editing and printing ABP data
  • Configurable report format
  • Enhanced graphics
  • Advanced search capability
  • Remote communications feature for programming and data retrieval via modem
  • Supports e-mail transfer of reports as PDF files
  • Supports compliance with FDA electronic records requirements and HIPAA


Model no. 90207
Various cuff sizes available: From 12 - 50 cm
Disposable cuff covers: Optional
ABP report system: Windows compatible, remote communication capability, monitor programming via modem
90207 monitor:
4 x AA batteries/347g including batteries
Dimensions: 28h x 86w x 114d mm

90217 UltraLite™ monitor
3 x AA batteries/255g including batteries
Dimensions: 25h x 70wx 100d mm


Our range of ambulatory blood pressure monitors is available on a rental/hire or equipment management basis - please use the links at the top of the page to request a quotation.

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