Clinispin Horizon 842STAT

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Clinispin Horizon 842STAT

The high speed and force of the centrifuge enable faster cardiac profiling and produce platelet-poor plasma with only a 2-minute spin, greatly reducing processing times for Coagulation applications. It is ideal for use in a wide variety of settings.

The Clinispin horizon 842STAT centrifuge offers a maximum speed of 7000 rpm / 5700 x g and has precise variable controls. Supplied as standard with the Fixed-Angle STAT rotor. 

  • Electronic Timer With Display: selectable from 1 to 99 minutes (± 1%)
  • Electronic Speed Control With Display: easily set the running speed by RPM or RCF
  • Brushless DC Motor: for smooth and quiet operation with no routine maintenance
  • Variable Acceleration and Deceleration: customise the run from start to finish
  • End-of-run Audible Indicator: sounds when the rotor has stopped to inform when the cycle is complete
  • Variable Speed: precision variable speed control - select from 500 RPM to the maximum in 50 RPM increments
  • Quiet Operation and Low Vibration: double-encased motor and unique “stability mount” assure quiet performance and low out-of-balance vibration
  • Automatic lid-lock
  • Positive Lid-Lock: firm mechanical lid-lock prevents the escape of material in case of breakage or accident
  • Welded Steel Construction: for strength and durability
Rotor: fixed-angle STAT rotor
Max. Speed: 7000 RPM / 5700 x g
Min. Acceleration Time: 15 seconds
Min. Deceleration Time: 15 seconds
Electronic Timer: 99 minutes
Weight: 10.5 kg
Dimensions: 200h x 280w x 340d mm
4 amp protection breaker
Max. Power Requirement: 200 watts
Voltage: 110V / 230V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Certification: CE, UL and CAN/CSA certified

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