Digital Hand Held Pulse Oximeter with Alarms

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Digital Hand Held Pulse Oximeter with Alarms

This handheld pulse oximeter with separate sensors is still one of the most popular methods of obtaining pulse oximetry measurements. A reusable sensor on the end of a length of cable is clipped onto the finger and the other end is plugged into the handset. The handset contains all the electronics, power supply and display screen. This digital pulse oximeter delivers reliable results on all patients even in challenging clinical environments with the presence of perfusion or motion. The user is able to select alarm limits and volume.

  • Reliably measures: SpO2, pulse rate, pulse strength and perfusion index
  • Low perfusion performance and motion tolerance
  • Easy to use, five button keypad for menu operation and device configuration, with an on/off button
  • Powered by 4 x AA batteries which are included
  • Optional docking station and printer
  • System includes: digital handheld pulse oximeter with alarms and adult comfort finger sensor, oximetry (1.52m / 5ft) cable, sensor cradle - Paediatric, Comfort clip and adult - set of 3, operation manual and 4 AA cell alkaline disposable batteries.
  • Paediatric Unit available
Model no. WDPOX052 Spectro2 30 WW1030EN
Pulse Strength: Logarithmically scaled, 9 segment red LED bar graph
SpO2: Range 0 - 100% , (1% increments) Adult/Pediatric: accuracy ± 2% at 70 - 100%. Averaging: 2 (sleep mode only) 4, 8 or 16 pulses (default = 8)
SpO2 Alarms
High: off and 99 - 51, 1 step (% SpO2) increments.
Low: 50 - 99, 1 step (% SpO2) increments
Pulse Rate Alarms:
Range 20 - 300 bpm, accuracy ± 2bpm, averaging 8 or 16 seconds (default - 8 and sleep mode- 8)
High 300 - 21 bpm increments. Low 20 - 299 bpm in 1 bpm increments
Pulse Amplitude Index:
Range: 0.03% to 20% (0.1% increments), 9 segment green/yellow LED bar graph
Trend storage: Interval Selectable 2 - 30 seconds in 1 second intervals, Capacity: 72 hours at 2 second interval
Memory: Stores data for up to 99 patients
Operating Temperature: 0 to 55° C
Relative Humidity: 10 - 95% RH (storage) / 15 to 95 % (operating)
Weight: 340 g
Dimensions: 155h x 84w x 43d mm

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