VS900 (230v) Vital Signs Monitor w/NIBP, Sp02

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VS900 (230v) Vital Signs Monitor w/NIBP, Sp02

Clinicians are empowered to deliver exceptional bedside care to every patient with this vital sign monitor that offers fast, comprehensive parameters, flexible workflow options, and scalable connectivity. Its advanced features enable clinicians to provide high-quality care and ensure optimal patient outcomes.



  • Clear user interface
  • 10.1" high-resolution screen to display more information
  • Intuitive gesture operation with capacitive touchscreen
  • Capture more at the bedside
  • Up to 30 customisable manual inputs
  • Intuitive gesture operation with capacitive touchscreen
  • Create the right workflow
  • Customise screen layouts and parameter settings
  • Configure workflows with department profiles
  • Ensure compliance with hospital guidelines
  • Mindray TrueBPTM inflation NIBP measurement in 15 seconds
  • Respiration Rate (RR) recorded from SpO2 finger sensor with Mindray TrueRespTM technology
  • SpO2 measurement options of Mindray, Masimo SET and Nellcor
  • Options of TrueTempTM, TrueTympTM, GeniusTM 3, Exergen TemporalScannerTM thermometers.


Item Ref. WD7PAT421
Dimension: 275 x 185 x 135 mm
Weight: 3.4 kg (with Mindray SpO2, NIBP, recorder, and battery; without accessories.)
Screen: 10.1-inch, 1280 x 800 pixels Standard capacitive touchscreen supporting multi-touch operation
Technique: Oscillometry, support inflation and deflation
Operation mode: Manual, Auto, STAT, Sequence, and BP averaging
Parameters: Systolic, Diastolic, Mean
Typical measurement time: ≤ 15 s (Inflation algorithm, with CM1203/ CM1303/ CM1503 cuff, PR within 60 to 200 bpm and systolic pressure within 80 to 120 mmHg)
PR range: 20 to 300 bpm (from Mindray/Nellcor SpO2) 25 to 240 bpm (from Masimo SpO2) 30 to 300 bpm (from NIBP)
Accuracy: ± 3 bpm (20 to 300 bpm, from Mindray SpO2) ± 3 bpm (20 to 250 bpm, from Nellcor SpO2) ± 3 bpm (non-motion, from Masimo SpO2) ± 5 bpm (motion, from Masimo SpO2) ± 3 bpm or ±3 %, whichever is greater (from NIBP)
SmarTempTM Temperature Technique: Thermal resistance
Operating mode: Predictive mode, Monitor mode
Temp range: Predictive mode 34 to 43 °C (93.2 to 109.4 °F) Monitor mode 25 to 44 °C (77 to 111.2 °F)
Temp accuracy: (Monitor mode) 25 to 32 °C (not including 32 °C): ± 0.2 °C 32 to 44 °C (including 32 °C): ± 0.1 °C or 77 to 89.6 °F (not including 89.6 °F): ± 0.4 °F 89.6 to 111.2 °F (including 89.6 °F): ± 0.2 °F
Temp resolution: 0.1 °C
Manual Input: Supports up to 50 manual input parameters (customisable)
Trends data: Spot check mode: Up to 5000 groups Continuous mode: Up to 240 hours @ 30 seconds
Events: Up to 200 events, including parameter alarms, technical alarms, and so on.
Alarms: Audible indicator Yes, 3 different alarm tones, and prompt tone, Visible indicator Red/yellow/cyan LED, and alarm message display
BlueTooth: Protocol Bluetooth 5
Wi-Fi Communications: Protocol IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Main unit: AC power connector (1) Network connector (1), RJ45 USB 2.0 connector (2) Multi-Functions connect (1) Equipotential grounding terminal (1) External battery connector (1)
Barcode scanner: Support 1D and 2D barcode
Thermal recorder: 3 traces (paper 50 mm width, 20 m length)
Data output: HL7, eGateway, VitalsLink (CernerTM)
Auth. Management: MLDAP, ImprivataTM
Line voltage: 100 to 240 VAC (±10 %)
Battery: 5600mAh rechargeable smart Li-ion battery ≥8 hours run time
Recharge time (power off): 4 hours to 100%


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