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Cardiovascular disease clinical trials are attempting to solve one of the world’s biggest health challenges. CVDs are unmatched as the world’s leading cause of death. Each year, approximately 18 million people die from CVDs and under 70s account for more than one in three of the CVD deaths caused by heart attacks and strokes*. Heart disease is estimated to be the cause of almost 200 million disability-adjust life years each year**.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are those affecting the heart or blood vessels. Cardiovascular diseases can include coronary heart disease, strokes and transient ischaemic attacks (TIAs), peripheral arterial disease, and aortic disease.

What we do

Through its investments, strategic distribution partnerships and world-class customer service, Woodley Trial Solutions is dedicated to helping CVD research advance at speed. Incubators, pulse oximeters and vital signs monitors are all critical tools for health researchers and CROs undertaking and overseeing clinical trials in cardiovascular disease. We supply those pieces of equipment – as well as refrigerators, freezers, thermometers, temperature dataloggers, and scales – at speed and on budget to research sites around the world. Our equipment is always fully calibrated, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability in the subsequent data.

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Equipment for cardiovascular trials

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Got a question?

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Our 30+ years of experience with product knowledge, sourcing quality, regulatory intelligence and logistical knowhow makes us experts in what we do.

We take care of details – providing reassurance and saving you time and money from end-to-end of your clinical trial.

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** https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33309175/