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Oncology is the diagnosis and treatment (through chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgery) of a large group of diseases more commonly and collectively known as cancer. Lung, breast, bowel, and prostate cancer collectively account for more than 40% of diagnosed cancers worldwide*. They are all prominent areas of oncology clinical research.

In 2020, cancer caused 10 million deaths**. Figures for more recent years are not yet available, but expectations are that they will have risen even further. According to research from the World Health Organization, cancer is the first or second leading cause of death in under 70s in almost two thirds of countries worldwide***.    As populations continue to grow and age, so too does cancer incidence and mortality. Broadly speaking, four in 10 people will receive a cancer diagnosis during their life****.

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Our expert team and global distribution system ensures oncology research equipment can reach a clinical trial site anywhere in the world, whenever it’s needed. Oncology researchers regularly rely on our centrifuges, infusion pumps, blood pressure monitoring devices, and point-of-care-testing (POCT) equipment such as blood analysers. As decentralized clinical trials grow, the rapid results and secure data provided by POCT equipment is making it a critical part of oncology research. Refrigerators, freezers, thermometers, temperature dataloggers, and scales can also be supplied with ease. All equipment arrives fully calibrated and ready for use.

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** https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/cancer
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