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Clinical trials in haematology focus on the study of blood and blood-forming tissues*. Typically, haematology research is attempting to advance knowledge and treatment of both blood and lymphatic organ disorders. These include blood cancers like leukaemia and lymphoma, as well as sickle cell disease, anaemia, bone marrow failure, myeloid disorders, thrombosis, and Von Willebrand’s disease**. 

Leukaemia is responsible for roughly one in every 40 new cancer diagnoses around the world. It also accounts for approximately 3.1% of all cancer deaths***. Meanwhile, an estimated 400,000 people live with haemophilia and a further 20 million live with sickle cell disease****.

What we do

Woodley Trial Solutions supplies medical equipment to haematology clinical trials all over the world. With the growth of decentralised clinical trials, CROs increasingly rely on our point-of-care-testing equipment, such as blood analysers, to provide accurate, fast, and reliable data. Other specialist equipment we can supply for haematology clinical trials includes blood pressure monitors, infusion pumps, centrifuges, and vital signs monitors. More standard equipment, such as refrigerators, freezers, thermometers, temperature dataloggers, and scales, is also available. All our equipment arrives on site within just days and is fully calibrated and ready for immediate use.

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Equipment for haematology trials

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Got a question?

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